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Understanding what your audience wants most has never been easier.

One platform – any device, any idea, any concept, any campaign and any interactive content. Create mobile-friendly experiences that convert using quizzes, surveys, polls, assessments, interactive images and slides. Use them in videos as well — not to mention video branching and chaptering.

How It Works: Boost results and ROI with
pre-targeted and re-targeted recommendations


Grab and keep attention. Stop the monologue; join the dialogue.


Group by demographics, psychographics and behaviors in real time.


Make informed product offers based on customers’ answers/actions.


Gain actionable insights you want. Get valuable micro-data by analyzing content interaction.

Unify All Your Content on
Any Device Anywhere On
One Platform

Generate high-quality leads and viral traffic with hyper-targeted offers.

Capture real-time microdata to make your big data smarter and more valuable.

Integrate and measure your customer’s level of engagement on social media and the web, across any platform and any device.

DilogR: The only available platform that allows you to use and combine Q&A, quizzes, surveys, polls, assessments, interactive images, interactive video, and much more… All in one place.

Create Simple and Beautiful Quizzes

  • Multimedia Content

    Include images as answer choices to make
    your quiz pop. You can even embed video on
    your results page to make the most engaging
    multimedia quiz ever.

  • Responsive website? No Problem.

    DilogR Quizzes look amazing on every device, every
    time. Our simple embed code works perfectly with
    responsive websites.

  • Create, Embed and Share
    your own quizzes

    Use DilogR’s intuitive interface to create
    and share quizzes in minutes.

Integrates with Leading Platforms

Turn Your Videos into Personalized Conversations

Drive Traffic: Use Video to help prospects through the buyer’s journey

Insert Calls to Action into your video to drive traffic to offers, landing pages, downloads, additional videos or order forms. Use DilogR’s custom thank you page builder to drive targeted traffic based on video interaction.

Build Your List

Generate Leads with lead capture forms directly in your videos. Insert the lead capture where it fits best with your campaign. You can capture a lead up front before the video begins, include a gate part way through the video, or ask for the lead at the end of the video after viewer consumes your content.

Segment Your List

Segment viewers based on viewing behavior and interactions. Use this data to drive lead scoring and unique follow-up campaigns.

Integrate with CRM, Marketing Automation, and Email Marketing Tools

Send video data from DilogR directly into your marketing automation platform, CRM, or Email Marketing System. Use this data for lead scoring, segmentation, and ROI tracking. Send highly targeted content to your most engaged leads at exactly the right moment based on their video viewing history.

What is Visual Marketing ?

DilogR is an interactive multimedia platform that
empowers publishers, trainers, brands, and bloggers
to engage, know and recommend what prospects and
customers want right now by adding rich media links to
images, photos slides, and infographics.

Use DilogR to create interactive aerial photography, maps,
posters, infographics, slides, and shoppable product catalogs
in minutes!

You measure how people interact with your content across
mobile, social and the web.

Don’t Take Our Word For It

Join the top content marketers, publishers, brands, and agencies in the world
who use DilogR to engage millions of people every day.

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