50% to 80% Conversions With Quiz Marketing

The art of emotional engagement

10 Mar 50% to 80% Conversions With Quiz Marketing

I just returned from a trade show for a CRM system called Infusionsoft. I met many, many people and was amazed at how many people had purchased automated systems that they could not get to increase their conversions or opt-ins.

With all the noise out there, how do customers get to hear a signal or information that is useful and relevant to them?

To succeed today, you must market and convert. Otherwise you have no business. And you must do this every month. Then turn those hard-earned leads into customers and keep them. Besides running to purchase marketing automation systems that aren’t converting into leads, the next problem is the supposed in-bound marketing solution.

Just create tons of great content and soon prospects and customers will get to trust you.

But neither the marketing automation systems and the fire hose of content will solve an impatient over marketed and over advertised customer.

What is missing?

Emotional Engagement

Make them:

  • Laugh.
  • Cry.
  • Buy-in: Be a part of what you are creating.
  • Give them value in advance.

Do this all before you ask them for money.

But with all this, you must also creating useful, relevant and entertaining dialogues between your prospects and customers and your content.

Static content, what I call monologues, will no longer win the day. You need dynamic content that responds back to your customer’s interactions with it.

Think of a doctor who listens first to a patient describing their symptoms and then gives his recommendations. Or, how we relate on first meeting someone or dating. If we speak about ourselves too much, we create the sin of a monologue. The other person tunes out.

Dialogues convert because they are an authentic two-way exchange or conversation that are relevant useful and entertaining. Monologues do the opposite. When you combine dialogues (dialogue marketing) with CRMs (customer relationship management) and MAPs (marketing automation platforms) and solid content, then your conversions and sales will grow instantly.

Dialogue Marketing Can Be:

  • Quizzes
  • Polls
  • Surveys
  • Assessments
  • Infographics with interactivity such as hotspots
  • Images with Q&A + hotspots + links to videos, slides, other images
  • Videos can contain
    • Call-to-action buttons
    • Lead gen forms — email gating
    • Chaptering
    • Branching
    • Q&A

You can add rewards, incentives and other gamification. Plus retargeting. The combinations are endless.

In this way you can use the power of things such as quiz marketing and build quiz funnels that convert and sell your products and services like crazy.

We are seeing conversion rates from 50% to 80%. Sales on a 5 question quiz of $1.8 million in three weeks as reported by an Infusionsoft partner who used DilogR.

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