7 Fast Ways Online Quizzes Build Your Audience

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07 Dec 7 Fast Ways Online Quizzes Build Your Audience

Quizzes engage, give feedback and deliver the quiz taker (and quiz creator) immediate results and insights about each other.

Quizzes can be lots of fun! And they work because the quiz taker participates through their answers to questions in getting the desired outcome or result they want.

Quiz takers create content in their answers that you the quiz creator can use to deliver the quiz taker  targeted offers that are highly relevant and useful.  The quiz taker participates in answering questions  and making selections that are about them – their wants and needs. Their participation makes them feel they are choosing and buying what they want.

They sell themselves! You just lay out the choices.

DilogR differs from other quiz creation platforms in that you can create many types of quizzes using different content types.  You have endless ways to engage convert and retain customers.

Not only can you create standalone QUIZZES but you can create more advanced quizzes and ASSESSMENTS with customized reports and scores based upon a quiz takers’ answers. But it does not end here.
In addition you can create interactive  VIDEOS, WEBINARS and  presentations with Q & A (also video SURVEYS, POLLS and assessments).

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Lastly you can create INTERACTIVE IMAGES, slides with Q & A such as quizzes.

Here are simple ways  DilogR quizzes can be created to build and monetize your audience

1 Design Quizzes With the End in Mind – the Call to Action


Quizzes are great in helping you to fine tune your next steps with the viewers such as what do you want the user to do after they take your quiz? The call to action. Do you want them to sign up for a newsletter? Try another quiz? Check out a product?


Maybe you want them to sign up for a webinar on the page they get their quiz results? Note: the results page can be a thank you page. DilogR uses thank you page marketing to convert like crazy.

You choose how to direct the quiz takers. You are writing the script.  The quiz takers feel in control since they are the ones answering the questions.

A social quiz is one of the best strategies if  you want to entertain, create awareness and get lots of shares and social traffic you can then convert.

2 Use Irresistible Headlines to Engage Users to Click


I wish there were some cool and real magic tips we could give you to teach you how to write the BEST viral headline on social media.  A few things tend to work well for most quizzes.



“Who Said It?” quizzes are popular , as in “ Who Said It? Clinton or Trump?” These headlines are good getting more clicks and building brand awareness.
“Actually” Headlines –  “Actually” in a quiz headline is a challenge for  the user.  “Do You Know The Constitution?” and “Do You ACTUALLY know The Constitution?”
Celebrity Names – A celebrity name in a quiz title  draws the eye of their fans. Many people seem to be obsessed with famous people.

This is just to get you started.  If your headline is unique,  shows your personality with some shock value,  but still describes your quiz appropriately, you should be OK.

3 Get Featured on Other Websites to Increase Impressions


Quizzes help break up the same old content we all see online every day. They are entertaining. Digital publications and blogs all over the Internet pick up well-made, fun quizzes that go viral. Realistically though most quizzes will never go viral, but they can still get posted by other blogs. All that will increase your visibility and bring you new audiences.


A quiz is a great piece of content to drive more impressions on online viewers. It’s human to want chime in on the quiz.

4 Get More Impressions From News Feeds


There is a simple reason why you see posts from the same people on your Facebook news feed even if you have hundreds of friends.  Facebook acts like a bloodhound using an algorithm that tracks specific user habits.   They track everything you do – what posts you like and what type of posts you interact with most—to show you more relevant content.  That’s their business – and they are very good at that.

Posts that include videos or links tend to get more engagement from users – and user habits dictate what Facebook likes best. It is not random. Therefore they show up more often in news feeds than those that are simply text. Makes sense?

Quizzes are known to be engagement ‘magnets’ online. However, 2013 the most popular article even in NY times was a quiz (How Y’all, Youse and You Guys Talk).  A quiz can drive a lot of clicks as it includes a link and  social share image.  It makes sense for Facebook to put quizzes in people’s news feeds so often. When someone looks at your content it is an impression.

This heatmap from the New York Time shows what thi participant’s results were – the blue indicates less similar and the more red the heatmap is the more similarities there are.


Of course most of the times it refers to paid online advertising.  But it can also refer to social media!  The more people get to see your quiz, the more people will take it. This is not brain surgery – it’s all about the eye balls. Every time there is some interaction someone is engaged with your offer or brand.

5 Stand Out to Build Your Audience


There are plenty of businesses doing the same thing all over the world. You must be individual and have great personality to stand out – be special and unique. A quiz can be super personable. Since quizzes are so clickable your audience sees the real you.


If quiz takers like what they see they will be more loyal to your brand.  You have recruited new brand ambassadors  who will spread the word to their friends and family.

6 Get Multiple Clicks Instead of One


Users are taking the quiz as they find it entertaining and they want the results. They are more likely to click on it and actually follow the content all the way through – and keep clicking.
You get more out of it, the user does too. Publishers and marketers want people to stay on the page and consume their content to get the user to the next step (more advertising opportunity). Quizzes are wonderfully interactive.

7 Shareability Builds Your Audience

DilogR Quizzes are built for ultimate shareability. The social buttons make it easy to post results on social profiles. The quiz results tend to be things that people want to tell their friends about. The users can’t help but share – we all have done that. We just have to know what other people got too…and especially share the flattering results about me. After all, we live in the “selfie” society.

We all like to share our quiz results. Because quiz headlines are so clickable, they are great for building new audiences. Those users  who either are lazy or too busy to do market research may get a more appealing and entertaining entry onto your business with a fun quiz to guide their journey.

In sum, quizzes are a fast easy way to engage, get feedback, build and monetize an audience – and keep them coming back. There are many types of Q & A including quizzes.

Q & A is vitally important because it mimics the social media world of  conversations or dialogues. Q & A like quizzes creates goodwill and trust.  The participants feel you are talking about them – their needs and wants – and you are listening before you respond back.

DilogR is a unified, interactive Q & A platform that uses standalone quizzes, video,  images and slides to engage, build and monetize audiences.

And  keep them coming back again and again! So why have you not tried us yet?

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Need help writing you quiz or driving traffic to your quiz? Or just have other concerns you’d like to address. The DilogR Team is here to help. We not only offer custom quiz writing but we can help to run ads to your new quizzes and generate you the leads you need.


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