Are you currently a professional coach? Half of our coaches come to deepen their coaching skills and get a toolkit of solutions for fear as they grow a business or change careers. Half are totally new to coaching.
Does it matter to you if the exercises you assign to your future clients are time-tested and proven to work? Ours have been validated with thousands of coaching sessions.
Would you like to get your hands on a library of coaching scripts to use with your future clients? These represent over two decades of learning what works with clients.
Do you want to have the skills to lead future coaching clients in a group coaching program?
Do you want to have the knowledge and skills that - upon graduation - you could coach someone through whatever life situation they need help navigating?
Would it help your life right now to know how to resolve conflict and master the difficult conversations that could help heal your relationships?
Are you interested in learning only basic coaching skills (don't want advanced skills or mentoring) in a coach training program?
Is it important to receive learning that's custom-fit to you as well as receive personalized attention as you train to become a Coach?
We believe in the power of one-on-one Mentoring with supervised feedback on your practice client sessions, do you?
Do you value real-time, specific feedback to be your best?
Do you want to join a Coaching Program that assigns you an accountability partner to help you complete the training?
Do you want to be able to add your own unique message to a proprietary coaching system that's flexible enough to be used with any client?
Will you feel proud to receive the recognition of a Certificate upon graduation honoring your achievement in becoming a Certified Life Coach?
Do you value the ability to determine your own work schedule and how much money you make?
Do you know where to find potential coaching clients to build your coaching business?
Do you want to know how to confidently market your coaching services?
Would you like access to the system Master Life Coach Rhonda Britten used to build her own coaching business from nothing to 7-figures?
Would it ease your mind to know you could receive Client Referral opportunities after graduation?
Would you like to have an easy checklist of everything you will need to get started (including all the tech stuff)?
Is your number one criteria for choosing a Life Coach Training Program the financial investment? Our program gives you the most coaching hours per dollar invested of any program.
We believe that meeting like-minded people in person can create strong bonds and life-long friendships, do you agree?
Does it matter to you to be part of a community where your fellow coaches know your name?
Are you willing to do the work necessary to feel confident in your coaching skills to build the business of your dreams?
Are you ready to take action toward becoming a Life Coach in the next 6 months?