Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey.
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Type of business
Who owns the business?
What does the business do?

What was your turnover in the last financial year?
Over the last three years, is turnover increasing or decreasing?
What about profits?
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Products & Services
What products or services does the business provide?

Do you know which of these products or services is the most profitable?
Do you plan to develop new products & services?
What is your biggest challenge in relation to your products & services?

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Who are your main customers?

Have you lost any major customers lately?
How do you stay in touch with customers? (tick all that apply)
Which of these is your customers' preferred method of contact?
What is your biggest challenge in relation to your existing customers?

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Would you say you have a strategy for your business?
If so, what is that strategy?
Do you know the Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) for your business?
If yes, please indicate your three most important KPI's here

If yes, how often do you monitor these?
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Do you have a dedicated person for marketing?
How would you rate your marketing plan?
How well are the traditional marketing means working for you (telephone, direct mail, networking, word of mouth)?
How satisfied are you with the NUMBER of enquiries that you get?
How satisfied are you with the QUALITY of leads you get?
What 3 things make it most difficult for you to get new business?

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Finance & Accounts
Do you keep your accounts up to date on a regular basis?
How well would you say you understand your accounts?
Do you have sufficient cash for your short term and medium term needs?
If you don't have sufficient cash, do you have access to additional sources of capital?
What is your biggest problem financially?

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Your team
How many team members do you have?

How happy are you that your team members are doing the right jobs?
How happy are you in the business?
What is your biggest challenge when it comes to your team members?

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Is there anything you'd like to ask us?
Name of the advisor (if any) who invited you to complete this