Gauge Your Digital Marketing Performance

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Created By Chris Muccio

1. Does your business currently drive its online marketing through a specific plan?
2. Which of the following goals is your company looking to achieve through using online marketing?
3. Do you currently track your web traffic on at least a monthly basis?
4. Do you currently track your lead generation on at least a monthly basis?
5. Do you know the rate at which your traffic converts to a lead/inquiry and then to a sale? Here’s an example – We know that for every 1000 views we get per month, we generate 20 leads or inquires which generate $5,000 per month in sales.
6. Can you identify 2 specific online locations your target audience can be found?
7. Does your company currently publish optimized content on your blog or other online location at least two times per week?
8. When you produce “optimized content,” please select all of the elements that are included in that optimization:
9. Do you belong to at least one online community with which your target audience participates?
10. Across all of your social media presences, do you have:
11. Which of the following social sites do you use at least 3 times per week? (select all that apply)
12. How much time each week does your company spend working on online marketing?
13. How effective would you rate your online marketing?
14. Have you ever completed an analysis assessing how your competitors use various online marketing tools and functions?
15. When it comes to managing your online reputation, which of the following best identifies what you do: (select one)
16. Are you actively trying to stay top of mind (in a positive way) with your existing prospect / customer base?
17. "Inbound marketing" is a phrase to describe the philosophy in the way marketing occurs online. Does your company follow this philosophy?
18. Do you use any paid online advertising to drive traffic and awareness to your site?
19. Which activities does your business participate in as it relates to content?
20. Do you believe that your website is optimized for your target audience and able to support your online lead generation and business growth?
21. Do you currently use landing pages or online forms to generate new leads and do you send emails to these leads at least once per monthly? (select all that apply)
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