What L.A. Landmark appears in the following movies: Rebel without Cause, Transformers and Terminator?
The dome observatory sits on Mount Hollywood - featured in many James Dean's Rebel without a Cause movie (most dramatic switchblade fight scene)
Los Angeles is the only major city in the United Status bisected by a...
The mountain range separates the LA Basin, which includes Downtown LA, East LA, Hollywood and the West Side, and extends down through South LA to the Port of Los Angeles, from the San Fernando Valley
Juan Rodrigues Cabrillo sailed on June 24 1542 from Mexico with 3 ships on a mission for Spain. He died in January 1543 in the Channel Islands near LA of complications from a broken leg.
Los Angeles was briefly part of what foreign nation?
Mexico earned independence from Spain in 1821. It was given jurisdiction over all of California in 1822. Mexico ruled California until 1848
​​​What was the largest barrier to the city's development in the early 20th century?
The only water source was Los Angeles River. By early 1900s population grew too much, the engineers had to look to the east to Sierra Nevada. Eventually a system of aquaducts were built.
​​What did the Hollywood sign originally say?
The iconic sign originally read Hollywoodland and advertised new housing project. Each letter in the sign is 30 feet (9 pm) wide and 50 feet (15 m) high
​What is the best selling item at the Dodger Stadium?
A staple at the stadium since 1962. Every year over 1.6 million Dodger dogs are sold!
​In 1923 what percentage of the world's petroleum production came from Los Angeles area?
Los Angeles was an established oil producer by early 1900s. But the discovery of three major oil fields in early 1920s pushed the output to 1/4 of the world's production by 1923
​The steepest drivable street in California is in LA - not  in the Bay area.
Eldred St. over near Mt. Washington in Highland Park clocks in with a 33% elevation grade, which happens to be 1.5% higher than the grades on two of San Francisco’s most notoriously steep streets, 2
​You can blame or thank Thomas Edison for L.A.’s film industry.
Thomas Edison held so many film patents in New Jersey that filmmakers took off toward the opposite coast just to have rights to do their job without fear of infringement.
Los Angeles is the Entrepreneurial Capital of the World.
Not only is Los Angeles the Entrepreneurial Capital of the World with around 200,000 small businesses, it really supports the ladies by having this country’s highest number of women-owned businesses
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