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How long have you been in business full time?
What is your starting price point for an 8-hour wedding (with a 2nd shooter, no engagement shoot, and the high res images)?
Do you regularly get leads who say they love your style but can’t afford you?
How many wedding leads per month on average do you find yourself referring out to other photographers?
Do you have open personal relationships with other photographers in your local market and find yourself mentoring them at times?
Can you think of 1-2 photographers in your local market right now who love photography but don’t enjoy the business side things, and who you know well enough that you might trust them to shoot for your brand?
Do you have a part-time or full-time office manager?
In the past, have you been able to successfully delegate or outsource portions of your workflow? Do you find delegating and outsourcing (or the thought of it) largely freeing or terrifying?
Would you prefer to shoot more weddings yourself if given the opportunity, or would you prefer to work on the business side of things to grow additional revenue streams?
Do you have management experience or are you open to investing some significant time into learning to become an effective manager of people?

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