I consciously take pauses from what I am doing to take a few deep, full, relaxing breaths.
I am generally aware of my breathing dynamic. For instance I catch myself when I am holding my breath or notice when I am breathing labored or high up in my chest.
I scan my body to connect with how I am really feeling in the moment. For instance I check to see if my belly is relaxed or my shoulders are crunched, or to see if I am tightly gripping the phone.
When I feel an uncomfortable sensation, pain or emotion in my body, my tendency is to tune into it and listen to what it may be telling me vs. ignore my body or numb myself.
I am conscious of negative things I say to or about my body. For instance I catch it when I say things like, "I hate my thighs" or "My boss gives me a terrible headache.“
I am aware of how congruent my words and my body language are. I notice when my mouth is saying one thing and my body is communicating something completely different. For instance I notice when I say “I am fine and smile", but I feel my jaw is gripping tightly with anger.
When I make decisions, whether small or large, I take a moment to consult with how my body feels before I decide. I make decisions from my gut and heart, not just my brain only.
I am aware of my posture during every day activities like when I am driving or sitting at a desk.
I am aware of past traumas, events and memories that are still held in my body, and how they influence my actions and choices at times.
I share what I feel with people close to me, versus stuffing and holding those unexpressed emotions in my body.
I set aside at least 30 minutes a day to move my body and pump my heart through physical exercise, like walking, Yoga, running, playing sports or riding a bicycle.
I have physical techniques and practices that I use to cope with stressful situations.
I have a stress management program or ritual that I follow daily, such as meditation, prayer and conscious movement practices, etc.
Thank you for taking the time to complete the Whole Body Assessment.