Break Through Your #1 Weight Loss Roadblock

Choose the answer that describes you best.

The last time you tried to lose weight, did you change your diet?
The last time you tried to drop a few pounds, how positive was your attitude about weight loss (on a scale of 1-3)?
How would you describe your knowledge of nutrition to optimize fat loss?
How do you feel about eating “diet food” vs. “real food”?
Before your most recent weight loss attempt, did you follow a proven fat loss plan?
After you finish eating, do you feel more guilty or satisfied?
The last time you tried to shed fat, how frequently were you hungry?
Do you have friends or family to support you in your weight loss journey?
How much do you tell friends and family about your weight loss journey?
If you had a stocked pantry and a fridge full of fresh ingredients, could you create a healthy meal that tastes great?

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