Find out your Influencer Score by taking the following questionnaire. You'll take away a completely personalised 8-page report identifying the specific marketing gaps to grow your practice. The good news is that it only takes three minutes. So take the questionnaire and start growing your practice today!


This questionnaire should only take about 3 minutes to complete.


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1. Direct contact

In this section, we'll take a look at how much you connect with your current clients.

I have a client database

I am visible on social media

I keep in touch with my existing clients by phone or email

2. Network or search

In this section, we'll explore how easy you are to find and recommend.

I receive unprompted referrals from my connections

My website is search engine optimised

My LinkedIn profile is search engine optimised

3. Awareness

In this section, we'll assess how much you're accessing new markets.

I run webinars and/ or speak at events

I ask for referrals

I reach out to ideal clients

4. Education

In this section, we'll examine how much you share your knowledge with your clients.

I write a blog

I share my blogs on social media platforms

I have a podcast