1. I have released the need to do everything myself and have fully embraced my role in the company as visionary and chief strategist.
2. I use assessments company-wide and follow a documented hiring process to consistently bring in the right people into the right roles within my company’s organizational chart.
3. I am clear on exactly what to delegate, when to delegate and how best to delegate to consistently get the desired result in the time frame I’ve designated.
4. Every process in all key functions of my business, including all the things I used to do intuitively, are now documented into an operations manual that includes checklists.
5. My company is a process-run company, rather than a personality-dependent company. Because we rely on systems and processes, and all team members follow these, I am no longer required to put out fires in my business.
6. I am able to take an unplugged week of vacation without bringing my laptop, checking in with my team or being interrupted by clients.
7. I put my needs before the needs of others and have set strong boundaries around my time with clients, customers, and team members, as well as with family and friends. To protect my time, I enforce these boundaries when needed.
8. My clients know when it is appropriate to reach me and when it isn’t and they honor this. My availability has been communicated to them and I resist the temptation to play the Rescuer Role, or give them unnecessary access.
9. I focus 80% of my time in the business on the long-term Exponential Growth Activities, rather than on bringing in a short-term injection of cash.
10. The business is setup to make money, even when I’m not there. Rather than just working with clients one-to-one, I have leveraged my proven process to serve many more people.
11. I am no longer the only one delivering the bulk of the results to our clients and customers. I am receiving passive income through my business.
12. I have clarity on how to completely remove myself from the creation of our products or delivery of our services within five years.
13. Each year, I am clear about my company’s specific and tangible goal for the year and have reverse-engineered this goal to include quarterly benchmarks, monthly targets and weekly tasks to predictably get us there.
14. Reporting mechanisms are in place for all key functions of the business to track and measure real-time business growth, compared to my goals. We meet weekly as a team to review the metrics and course-correct if need be.
15. All team members understand that I am not the only one driving the revenues within the business. They embrace their specific role in exponentially growing the business and appreciate having weekly metrics to help them navigate their way.
16. I am clear on which marketing efforts bring me 80% of my clients and customers and have set up these marketing channels with great frequency and variety so that my ideal potential clients are seeing me everywhere.
17. My marketing is permission-based, on autopilot and 80% of it is automated or delegated, not requiring my involvement.
18. I have sales processes and scripts that allow my clients and customers to sell themselves into working with me, without me being there.
19. I understand what specifically makes my company, product or service different from anyone else’s in my industry and I lead with that in my marketing.
20. I have created a proprietary system with a proven ability to get my clients results they can’t get anywhere else. I also make my clients feel what they can’t feel elsewhere, and because of this, they stay with me for years at a time.
21. I am a change agent in my industry and my clients and colleagues recognize this about me.
22. I have a second-in-command in the business who reports directly to me, and whom everyone else on the team reports to.
23. Whereby I may be someone with lots of ideas and who enjoys starting new things, my second in command is naturally gifted to set specific priorities for each team member, create deadlines and timelines and to manage projects from A to Z so that we faithfully execute the plan.
24. I trust my second-in-command to create order out of chaos, solve conflicts and eliminate obstacles within our team and business, on my behalf. Because of my collaboration with this person, things now run smoothly and I am happy that everything in my company is handled.

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