Which CRM Is Best For You?

How many full-time employees do you have?
How many employees will need access to your CRM?
Which departments will need access? (Choose all that apply.)
How many contacts are in your database?
How many emails will you send per month?
How long have you used a CRM?
Do you need your CRM to generate quotes and/or proposals?
How often do you send an email broadcast and/or newsletter?
Do you leverage direct mail for marketing, sales, and/or customer retention?
Will you be granting access to premium content such as reports, videos, MP3s, etc?
How important is mobile access?
How important is sales automation?
How important is marketing automation?
What is your average sales cycle?
How do you drive traffic to your website or place of business?
What is the size of your average sale?
What is the lifetime value of a customer?
What is your budget for this type of software?
What is your preferred desktop operating system?
On what CMS does your website run?
What are you drinking this weekend?
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