1. My relationship with my father is/was good.
2. My relationship with my mother is/was good.
3. I feel happy.
4. I laugh a lot.
5. I often help others.
6. I am grateful for my life.
7. I find it easy to relax.
8. I am physically healthy.
9. I am easily upset.
10. I get along well with people.
11. I feel worthy.
12. I get jealous or envious of other people.
13. I do not worry about small things.
14. I live an abundant life.
15. I am peaceful.
16. I am responsible for all things that happen to me.
17. I have many happy experiences.
18. I sleep well at night.
19. I perform random acts of kindness.
20. I do not live in the past.
21. I often feel let down by others.
22. I often feel I let myself down.
23. I am forgiving of others and myself.
24. I have a healthy appetite.
25. I often feel depressed, down, hopeless or helpless.

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