I know empirically what my LTV is and it is updated on a monthly basis     

I have an automated end to end a dashboard that shows me all metrics for my social media, podcast, website traffic email list growth, landing page conversion, final conversion step-by-step, and check out page conversion

I have a mathematical process in place that tells me how much I can safely invest into advertising every single month that gives me scalable predictable revenue  

I have automated funnels running for each of my main product lines.       

I have sales people other than myself who sell my most expensive products         

I have sales scripts for each of my product lines      

I have a fully functional CRM that has clean data which shows me up to the minute reporting on

the pipeline stage activity for all people in my database

I have a running calculation of our average closing percentages for our sales processes.   


Each stage in our sales pipelines have automated short term nurture sequences that help move prospects systematically to the next stage.  

I produce accurate financial statements every month that compare my performance to budget and to prior year.

I track and update the cancellation percentages of each of my product lines on a monthly basis.

I have automated feedback loops for all of my product lines.          

I have a systematic way of thanking customers and recognizing them on anniversary dates and spend levels.    

I have a detailed monthly operating budget including an annual budgeting process that happens every Q3        

I know exactly what my monthly overhead costs are and have at least two months’ worth sitting in a separate cash account at all times.        

I have a tracking and ticketing system and pipeline process for managing our customer service requests.

I have a customer service training manual with documented policies and procedures for handling customer requests  

Someone on my team performs monthly backups of all of our data           

I have automated materials delivered to my team members that trains and tests for competent use of all of our major operating systems.    

I have a strong CRM, strong marketing automation platform, strong financial reporting software, strong customer service ticketing, strong payment processing systems and they all talk to each other and integrate seamlessly      

I have a well-organized and easily accessible cloud-based document storage facility that everyone in our company uses exclusively to store all company work. If someone leaves, there is no question about where all of their work resides and how we can easily find it.    

I have a project management tool that everyone in our company uses regularly to communicate and track the progress on all projects.          

We have documented quarterly objectives for every operations person in the company that we assess on a weekly basis.       

I have training manuals that document the step-by-step process of how to complete all tasks performed by each job description in the company.          

I have signed agreements from all employees, contractors and vendors with whom we do business.           

I have a documented performance review policy and procedure that is in place that we execute regularly with each of our employees. This includes a compensation philosophy and pay grade system.           

We have a documented exit process that gathers company materials, collects important assets, changes passwords, documents termination reasons, and has a positive exit interview.   

I have an automated new hire onboarding system the trains each new person on the standard practices and processes inside of the company.           

I have a documented hiring handbook which shows all of the places that we source talent from. And preselected interview questions and assignments that we ask for each job rule inside of our business.

I have a 10-year financial forecast that shows our year by year growth goals.        

I have a focused strategy and team for recognizing our top referral partners, advocates, and affiliates.  

I have a documented and disseminated list of company values that people regularly refer to and which we create mechanisms to reinforce in the daily operations of the company      

I have a clearly defined primary business model and a focused set of revenue streams that we focus on. Everyone knows what the financial vehicle is that drives the future growth of the company.     

I have strong personal development and leadership development training and education for everyone inside of my company.