Only members of JJ's Inner Circle can apply to be on-air. If you would like to learn more and join JJ's Inner Circle, click here.
Thanks for taking your time to enter the contest!
Where do you live?

What would you like to be coached on?  (health, weight loss, relationships, spirituality/life purpose, general happiness).  Please be specific here about your goals and why you would like help with this.
What else have you tried this far to overcome this issue?  Please list other programs, products, etc that you have done or are currently doing. You can also list what has not worked and what you may currently be doing that is working on some level.
How did you hear about JJ Flizanes?  Please be as specific as you can.
What obstacles do you think (or know) get in the way of achieving what you want?
How open and ready are you to making changes and taking the advice you get in the coaching session?
I often use client's astrological birth chart to help customize my coaching to fit their personality and energy.  If you are open to that, please tell me your sun sign (birth) or give me your birthdate, time and place and I can do the chart before the session. If you are not open to that, please say I do not have any desire to know about that.
If chosen, the interview will be recorded, not live.  There will be a chance to edit out any super personal stuff you may not want to publicly share.  However, to keep up with the sound quality, you will need to have an eternal microphone and Skype. You can get a cheap headset with a mic for 29$ from Logitech and there may be others out there as well.  Do you hav a microphone already or are you willing to borrow or purchase one?
Is there anything else you feel is important for us to know about why you should win this coaching session?  Please explain in detail.

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