2019 Agency Productivity Assessment™

Basic Agency Information
These questions provide basic demographic information.
1.  How many employees in the entire organization?

2.  How many outside sales staff in the entire organization?

3.  How many IT staff in the entire organization?

4.  How many separate locations in the entire organization?

5. Does your organization use a traditional agency management system?
6. What agency management system do you use? Please include vendor and platform (Select all that apply).
7. What Benefits Management system do you use? (select all that apply)
Technology Management
This section addresses the overall management attitude toward technology and the effect technology has on the overall management process in the agency.
8.  Approximately what portion of agency owners and/or managers have access to and use information available from agency technology systems (including agency policy management system, document management system, benefits system, and marketing system)?
9.  How active a role does management take in creating and maintaining an overall technology strategy for the agency and supports its implementation?
10.  Does the agency belong to the agency management system user group and regularly attend local and/or national meetings?
11.  How many agency staff participate in local and/or national user group (chapter) activities?
12.  Does the organization have an internal group that regularly reviews and discusses technology that might improve productivity within the office?
13. Do job descriptions include the level of computer skills required to perform the job successfully (for example, intermediate Word and Excel for commercial CSAs)?
14. As part of your employee selection process do you validate the level of computer competency using a testing process?
15.  Do you provide for and/or reimburse employee technology training?
16. Does the agency have a written strategic technology plan that is part of the overall company business plan?
17.  How do you budget for technology expenses?
Technology Administration
This section addresses how you are currently using your technology resources and if you are getting the most out of what you already have in place.
18.  Do you monitor and audit your management system database to ensure the information is complete, accurate, and consistent?
19. Are you using the most current version of your agency management system vendor's software?
20. How are policies, invoices, statements and other documents delivered to clients?
21. Do you obtain written consent from each client that receives electronic delivery of documents?
22. How do you quote new and renewal personal lines policies? (Select all that apply)
23. How do you quote commercial lines new and renewal policies? (Select all that apply)
24. How do you currently handle completing non-standard forms such as insurance company supplemental applications? (check all that apply)
25. Are you using real-time carrier interface services available through your management system (Transformation Station, TransactNOW, etc.)?
26. When was the last time you accessed the IVANS Connection Portal for the agency? 
27.  Does the agency have a full electronic document management system in place?
28. If yes, where are the actual electronic documents stored?
29. When are electronic documents captured? (Select all that apply)
30. Does the agency use a consistent naming convention for capturing and storing documents?
31. Does anyone in your agency print management system forms or documents as hard copy to be kept in a paper file or create a pdf to be kept in an electronic file rather than accessing the form from the management system only when needed?
32. How does the agency manage user ID's and Passwords? (select all that apply)
33. How does the agency acknowledge the need to protect client and employee private information?
Technology Infrastructure
We don’t pretend to be a network and infrastructure expert. This section takes a simple look to make sure you have the basics for your technology stack in place.
34. How is the agency technology infrastructure managed?
35.  Does the agency have a formal written business continuity (disaster recovery) plan in place?
36. If there is a business continuity plan in place how often is it tested?
37. Does the agency backup all system data and programs on a consistent schedule?
38. If using local media, does the agency consistently keep a physical backup of data off-site?
39. What provisions has the agency made for emergency backup power?
40.  When do you replace your desktop computers?
41. Does the agency have multiple monitors on desktops?
42. What operating system is running your network servers?
43. What operating system is running on your desktop computers? (Select all that apply)
44. Microsoft Critical Updates are installed on your desktops:
45. Microsoft Critical Updates are installed on your server:
46.  How does the agency manage email?
47.  Do you monitor and track all office access to the Internet?
48. Of the following, how many do you use to protect the agency network from external threats? (Select all that apply)
49. Does the agency currently use some form of software as a service (SaaS) and/or cloud computing platform?
50. Does the agency use Mobile Device Management software?
51. Does the agency provide staff with the option to work from a remote location?
Marketing and Sales Technology
Bringing in new business as well as developing your current book is vital for agency growth and health. This section explores how your organization uses technology to grow.
52. Do producers have full access to and use the agency management system?
53. How does the agency maintain and track prospect information? (select all that apply)
54. Does the agency use a system specifically design for automated marketing or campaign management?
55. Does the agency have a specific system to track producer performance?
56. Do producers have and use devices that allow them to work remotely? (select all that apply)
57. Do producers routinely use presentation software (PowerPoint, Prezi, Haiku etc.)?
58. How are client and prospect proposals created and delivered? (select all that apply)
59. Does the agency proactively conduct annual account reviews for all clients? (select all that apply)
60. Are videos used by the agency as part of the carrier submission process?
61. How are client/prospect submissions delivered to the insurance company? (select all that apply)
62. Does the agency use custom (niche) websites as a marketing tool to attract prospects?
Customer Experience Technology
Creating a great customer experience is vital to retain clients and increase profitability.
63. What level of client detail is maintained on the agency management system? (Select all that apply)
64. How does the agency initiate the claims process?
65. How does the agency keep track of updated claim information for clients? (select all that apply)
66.  How are client inbound phone calls handled?
67. Does the agency have instant messaging capability available?
68. Are inbound faxes received electronically at individual workstations?
69. Are outbound faxes sent electronically directly from individual workstations?
70. Is there an agency wide process for email management? (check all that apply)
71. Where are client emails stored?
72. Where are electronic communication from clients stored (e.g., faxes, PDF files)?
73. How does the agency approach communication with clients via text message?
74. Does your staff have individual printers at their workstations?
75.  Do you survey client satisfaction with your agency on a regular basis?
76. Do you actively ask customers to leave ratings and review on websites for your agency?
77.  Do you have a formal, written agency procedure manual?
78. If you have agency procedures, is there an official audit process in place to verify staff compliance with company procedures?
79. In what format is the procedure manual maintained and accessed by staff?
80. Does your agency have a custom mobile app you provide to your prospects/clients? (Select all that apply)
81. Does your agency accept electronic payments on your website or through a mobile app? (Select all that apply)
82. Do any staff or producers use personalized video to communicate with prospects or clients?
Organizational Communication
It's important to be able to communicate well. How well are you maximizing the flow of information between internal staff and your prospect, client, carrier, and vendor systems? 
83. Does your organization have a consumer-friendly responsive website? (select all that apply)
84. How often is the agency website updated with new information?
85. Can clients perform transactions on your website (i.e., can they request policy changes, issue an auto ID card)?
86. If yes, how many of the following transactions can be completed on the organization's website? (Select all that apply)
87. Is download implemented for those carriers you represent that support it? (Select all that apply)
88. How does agency staff currently process policy change requests? (select all that apply)
89. How is policy detail information added in your agency management system for Personal Lines and Small Commercial new business?
90. Do you provide outside sales staff with access to agency information?
91. Do you have a customized electronic portal for your customers via your website?
92. How do you communicate agency internal information to employees?
93. Do you have a formal electronic communication policy?
94. If yes, do you audit your electronic communications policy for compliance?
95. How old is your current phone system?
96. Do you use VoIP for your telephone communication?
97. Is your phone system able to integrate with your agency management system?
98. Are you currently using any social platforms for client/prospect engagement and communication? (Select all that apply)
99. Do you block employee access to any of the social platform sites described above?
Thank you for taking the time to complete this Agency Productivity Assessment.
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