Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey.
Your Situation and Aspirations (Page 1 of 5)
Welcome to our Online Marketing Diagnostic. This is designed to help you identify what online marketing opportunities are the most beneficial for you in your business. In addition to helping you, it also helps us know whether what we do might work for you. We aren't right for everyone and are committed to working with people when there is a good fit all round. The diagnostic should not take you more than 5 minutes to complete, 10 if you take your time. Thank you!
Approximate number of clients

How satisfied are you with the current level and profitability of your business?
What kind of growth are you looking for over the next 2 years?
How many partners or owners are there in your company?
Do you know your key strategies for growing your business ? If so, please note them here.
What makes it most difficult for you to get new business? (Optional: try to include 3 factors if you can)
Online Marketing Assessment (Page 2 of 5)
This section will ask questions about your existing online marketing and assess what you're doing already.
How well are the traditional marketing means working for you (telephone, direct mail, networking, word of mouth)?
What percentage of your leads are produced from online marketing?

How satisfied are you with the NUMBER of online leads that you get?
How satisfied are you with the QUALITY of leads you get? (From any source)
How would you rate your marketing plan?
Do you know who your target market is?
Do you have a dedicated person for marketing?
How many contacts can you send marketing information to - counting both clients and prospects?

How do you maintain your marketing lists?
If you use marketing software, which one do you use?

How true is this statement? 'Our website is a marketing hub generating client interest, with engaging content and email addresses regularly captured.' How would you rate your site?
What is your existing website address?

Does your existing website provider (or designer) continue to help you proactively with marketing?

Do you have valuable content and CTAs (Calls To Action) encouraging people to opt in to your lists for follow up marketing?
Does your website have a CMS - Content Management System? A CMS enables you to log in and make regular updates to content without the need and cost of a web developer.
Do you know what platform your website is built on?
Are you visible on more sites than just your company website?
Do you have a content development strategy - for example, regular blog articles or adding new pages?
Components of Your Online Marketing (Page 3 of 5)
This section will ask questions about where you're at in terms of online marketing - the level of interest you have in utilising this in your business.
How keen are you to start making the most of online opportunities?
Do you have a clear idea of how well your online marketing activities are converting to sales?
What is the status of your existing database - or client and prospect list?
Have you conducted keyword research to give you a clear idea of the potential market - and which keywords people use to search for your services?
Do you have reporting such as Google Analytics installed - and do you review the reports regularly?
Do you use an email marketing system to build relationships, generate leads and make sales to clients and prospects?
What email marketing system if any do you use?

Do you use SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) techniques as part of a strategy to target keywords in search results?
Do you use paid search (Google Adwords or Pay Per Click) to drive traffic to your business?
If no, have you use paid search before and found that poor conversion meant it was not cost effective?
How often do you use social media for your business?
What social media platforms are you on?
Do you get much business through social media ?
Have you ever used an affiliate or referral programme?
Do you use video and images to gain interest?
Do you sell your products and services directly on your website?
Follow Up and Automation (Page 4 of 5)
This section will assess your conversion rates.
How good is your lead to sale conversion rate?
As a percentage, what is your conversation rate? If you don't know, you can easily work it out: Conversion Rate = (Number of Leads Collected / Total Traffic to Site) x 100

How do you manage follow up of leads and opportunities?
How many times do you follow up new prospects?
Is your follow up process well structured and used consistently by all the team?
Is your lead follow up automated to increase consistency and reduce cost?
If yes which marketing automation software do you use?

How much of your sales process requires direct interaction with prospects?
How would you rate your own selling skills?
Your team's selling skills?
Final Questions (Page 5 of 5)
Many thanks for undertaking this Online Marketing Diagnostic. We'll be contacting you shortly!
Is there anything you'd like to ask us?