The ability to be a trusted advisor depends on how much you know about the various parts of your client’s business.  
Use this checklist to score your trusted advisor potential based on your knowledge of your clients’ business in 3 key areas: management, customer relations and operations.
How important to growing your Firm’s business is becoming a trusted advisor to your clients?
To what extent do your clients see you as a trusted advisor?

Are you familiar with the strategic plan for each of your clients - their short term and long term goals, their strategies for achieving those goals?

Do you know enough about their market to suggest new opportunities to add revenue streams to their business?

Do you know enough about their individual operations to suggest specific ways to reduce their costs?

Do you know enough about their real drivers of profit to advise them on the metrics they need in various parts of their business?

Are you familiar enough with their value proposition to know if they are selling a product or service their market really wants OR just selling what they can produce?

Do you know enough about the profitability of your client’s different customer or client segments  to advise them on which customer groups  have the greatest impact on their profitability?

Do you know what percentage of their clients/customers  they need to retain to  build sustainable cash flow  and profitability?

Do you know enough about the ROI of their client/customer marketing to connect marketing spend to financial outputs?

Do you know enough about the specific activities required to deliver on the value proposition to ensure that they are spending on the right resources (talent, technology, IP etc)?

Do you know which of  your clients’ activities has the  greatest impact  on the company’s goals? What has to ‘go right’?

Do you know enough about the level of internal, employee support for your client company’s goals toidentify roadblocks to the execution of their strategy?

Do you know enough about your clients’ use of partners to advise them on how partners could help reduce their costs  or expand their capacity?

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