Welcome to the CFBP Financial Wellbeing Scale Survey

Please answer the following series of questions about your financial stutus.
The survey will then add up all your points to calculate your final score. The results are not intended to cause alarm but to indicate areas within your life where you can adjust your strategies. 
(Please help us by stating how you identify in 'other')

I could handle a major unexpected expense
I am securing my financial future
Because of my money situation, I feel like I will never have the things I want in life
I can enjoy life because of the way I’m managing my money
I am just getting by financially
I am concerned that the money I have or will save won’t last
Giving a gift for a wedding, birthday or other occasion would put a strain on my finances for the month
I have money left over at the end of the month
I am behind with my finances
My finances control my life
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Thanks for taking your time to complete our survey!