Relationship Assessment: Are you set up for lasting love?
CWC Coaching and Therapy
1. Are you and your partner able to talk through most things?
2. Do you and your partner find it difficult to understand each other’s point of view?
3. Does your partner get you?
4. Is making love a priority in your relationship?
5. Do you and your partner find it difficult to epress physical touch?

When we argue it turns ugly quickly.

7. We express ourselves in a way that keeps respect for one another at the forefront.
8. Do you and your partner agree on how to manage money?
9. Do you tell your partner how much money you spend?
10. Do you see you and your partner together long term?
11. Do you support one another in your career development?
12. Do you argue about time spent working?
13. Does your partner bring out the best in you?
14. Does you partner have your back?
15. Are you number 1 in your partners life?

Thank you for taking the time to complete this scored quiz. Your couple's assessment will be emailed to you.