Agency System Selection Summit

This assessment is designed to help you determine if your agency should start the process of looking for a new agency management system.

Simply read each question and select the answer that best describes your agency and its use of an agency management system.

Please complete the following information so we can email your customized agency management system assessment PDF report:
1.  How many years have you been using your existing system?
2.  Is your current system software housed within your agency?
3.  Do you need to replace your existing network servers?
4.  How old are your desktop computers?
5.  You can’t use / don’t use all industry carrier communication options.
6.  You have to enter the same information multiple times in the system.
7.  Does your current system allow you to see what changes have been made to policies?
8.  It is difficult to track work that has been completed or is in progress.
9.  Do your agency procedures rely on staff to remember what to do at each step?
10.  How effective is your electronic document management process?
11.  Staff complains about not being able to get all their work done.
12.  How long does it take for new less experienced staff to become proficient with your system?
13.  Our AMS uses a 3rd party system for accounting.
14.  Does staff have to physically be in the office to do their jobs properly?
15.  Does your current system improve communication between staff or hinder it?
16.  Does your current system allow you to manage long term prospect nurturing?
17.  Are producers able to manage their sales pipeline using the agency management system?