Dr. Christianson's Thyroid Quiz

Please fill out your answers to this quick quiz on your thyroid health. This evaluation is a preliminary step to help you determine if your levels are in balance.

My weight goes up no matter what I do.

My hair is dry & brittle.

I can easily get constipated.

I get cold more easily than other people.

My voice has been more hoarse lately.

My energy is always low.

I get muscle cramps frequently.

My short term memory has been poor.

My cholesterol levels have gotten higher.

My eyes are irritated, dry, and puffy.

I have difficulty sleeping.

I have dry, puffy skin.

I feel weak and fatigued.

I experience hand tremors.

I have difficulty concentrating.

I feel low or depressed.

Thank you for taking the Thyroid quiz! Please enter your name and email below for your results.