I have all the personal free time I need.
I authentically exude positivity and happiness at work.
I know what my Highest And Best Use of Time (HABUT) is and spend most of my time working in it. 
I am delighted with my company as is. 
I am healthy, have a great diet, exercise regularly and get enough sleep.
All of my personal relationships are healthy and gratifying. 
Each employee knows exactly what is expected of him/ her and has the tools to succeed.
We consistantly produce, track and celebrate quick wins on a weekly basis.
We hold regular, scheduled meetings which my team and I feel are invaluable. 
We have an emotionally safe environment where we work through issues and conflicts in an open, respectful way.
We have a clear strategic plan and check our progress against it constantly.
Our employees know and are held accountable for their Key Performance Indicators (KPI's).
We have a process that quickly and consistently gives and receives feedback with employees.
My company can run itself and grow without me for the next 3 months.
We do not have more than 10% of our sales based on any one client.
We have a major and sustainable competitive advantage in the industry.
We have a predictable, recurring revenue model. 
We have a strong, profitable cash flow that funds all of our growth needs. 
We have all the qualified and trained leaders needed to grow our company for the next 5 years. 


We have an inspiring culture which includes explicit, written values which all employees know and live by.
We consistently attract and hire “A Players.”
Each employee has and follows a clear, specific Path of Ascension (growth plan.)
We have a highly effective ongoing training program for employees.
We practice open book management and our employees understand how they personally contribute to our financial success.


We have an engaging "Big Zig", a dramatic, emotional, unique, curious marketing message.
We know who our "Hungry Fish" (our ideal clients) are and have "Irresistible Bait" to attract them. 
We have a successful system that generates, develops and closes as many qualified prospects as we need.
Our sales and marketing team is producing the results we need.
We consistently nurture our prospects with a variety "touches" like email, telephone, face to face, direct mail, social media... 
Our promise is believable because we provide a mountain of evidence through testimonials, research, endorsements, and demonstrations. 

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