brick wall marketing

23 May Dialogue Marketing

DIALOGUES CONVERT. Monologues don't. Dialogue marketing fosters conversational commerce. In our previous blog post we discussed the 7 Reasons Online Quizzes Engage and Build Massive Buying Audiences. Let's continue that discussion a bit. [bctt tweet="Quizzes are a form of dialogue that meet the SEVEN Critical STEPS of...

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Are You an Entrepreneur?

15 Apr Quiz: Should You Be An Entrepreneur?

Most well-known entrepreneurs have the ability to inspire everyone, but they can intimidate as well. We're not all born with Steve Jobs' creative genius or Bill Gates' iron will. No worries, though. Like any other profession, entrepreneurs can be guided to success by harnessing crucial attributes....

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Future of marketing

01 Mar The Future of Marketing

What does your Marketing Future Hold? It's not inbound marketing. It's not branded content. It's not sponsored content. It's not what you - and I - often do too much. Talk and not listen. Interrupt before the other person finishes their sentence. Sell. Sell. Sell. Or, are you afraid to ask for sales...

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