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23 May Dialogue Marketing

Monologues don’t. Dialogue marketing fosters conversational commerce.

In our previous blog post we discussed the 7 Reasons Online Quizzes Engage and Build Massive Buying Audiences. Let’s continue that discussion a bit.

Quizzes are a form of dialogue that meet the SEVEN Critical STEPS of AUDIENCE Building that Creates High Quality Leads and MASSIVE Sales. Click To Tweet

Tune in next to see how quizzes overcome the awareness, attention-grabbing and attention-keeping problem so you can stand out from the competition and go to the next level and succeed beyond your wildest dreams. NO BS

Now keeping in mind context, one-on-one, interactivity, personalization and emotional hook, you can see these same “meeting, dating, getting engaged and getting married” elements are at play online and off-line.

People are communicating and interacting with machines and others in various ways. Without engagement, there is no attention and audience. There is no business conducted or other goals achieved such as non profits raising money.

Today there is so much clutter and noise. Getting awareness, attention and time and keeping it remains a challenge for start ups to mature businesses.

The problem is that for over 100 years communications — marketing and advertising that replaced the door-to-door salesperson —  has been a monologue — a-one-way exchange. The factory economy controlled the network resources and what ads and messages people saw. To watch a TV program, you had to suffer through the commercials. Or, get direct mail pieces and sales calls on the phone trying to manipulate you to buy. No real dating process.
Just watch this and buy. Read this and buy.

More and more options came with cable TV companies. People divided more into niches. Along came the Internet and gradually the power shifted to the consumer.
With social media, consumers could find out lots of information about an individual business or organization without having to speak with anyone.

Suddenly, email marketing — an electronic form of direct mail – was not the only way to get information.
The social networks like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, SnapChat and numerous others arose.

Competition grew globally. As a result we suffer from what everyone is aware: Too much of everything. A glut of stuff including content.

Outbound marketing such as mass TV advertising, newspaper and magazine ads and direct mail were viewed as pushy.

The new solution became inbound marketing. Create content. Let people pull in the content they want. And presto! You have permission marketing. People read your stuff. You build goodwill and trust. Some day they may even buy from you.

So, what happened?

Everyone decided let’s create content. LOTS of content. More and more.

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DilogR quizzes are easy to create and can do wonders for your business.  Don’t be intimidated by “engagement”.

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