Dialogue or Die !

13 Apr Dialogue or Die !

“Surfing From One-Way Broadcast to Two-Way Dialog Changes Everything” Adweek Social Pro article headline states and captures the enormous shift in marketing

Dialogue or Die. Save your business by learning how to create engaging conversations with prospects and customers.

Too often marketers seek gimmicks and follow the herd so they avoid making mistakes or being accountable. But right now, you don’t have a choice. The customer rules. They want to communicate in a natural conversational way in the real world and the digital world instantly.

Here’s what you want to understand:

Marketing is changing  for many reasons.  With consumers and prospects deluged with messages and offers from every possible channel – TV, radio, print ads, emails, social media posts- marketers are challenged as to how to cut through the clutter.

It’s much easier to understand that you need to target the right person with the right message at the right time than to actually KNOW HOW to do it.

Simply put. Adopt the following- Ditch the Monologue.  Join the Dialogue.

The Adweek article outlines a new strategy- shift towards “real personalization through direct marketing channels”. The new frontier for customer engagement is the adoption of messaging applications and social media.

“Two-way or no way.” Consumers desire to engage in relationships. There is a human need to connect, even if it occurs in the virtual world.

The new way to connect instead of telephone conversation is to interact through “texting, instant messaging and social media comments and posts”.

Marketers: “Put down the megaphones and join in a personalized dialog with each customer”

Recent studies show consumers “now prefer to be contacted through messaging apps rather than calling 800 numbers or sending emails.”

“Customers are seeking instant, real time support. They don’t want to wait for response in email and they aren’t willing to go through multiple steps to speak with an agent on the phone. An average of 9.5 minutes are spent trying to reach a human when trapped in an automated phone system.”  Question after question to get you to the right person or department – and the annoying voice declaring “I am sorry I did not understand your answer.”

That just isn’t good enough when 1/3 of the clients  expect a response within 30 minutes through social media channels based on some studies – especially if we are talking about known brands.

That is why all the rage is instant messaging such as Facebook messenger, where you can “engage in personal, private conversations away from public social media presence.”

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