Facebook Messenger Offers Group Video vs. AI Video Chat

21 Dec Facebook Messenger Offers Group Video vs. AI Video Chat

Facebook powered up its Messenger App so up to six people can see each other live while chatting. You can invite up to  50 people to your group video chat.

But, then, only the person speaking at the time will be seen. The loudest will be heard if several people are speaking at the same time.So, screaming to be heard above the crowd is in:)

Facebook’s own What’s App and its competitors’ apps Snapchat, Apple’s Facetime and Google’s Duo all permit users to speak only one at a time. *(WSJ Nathan Olivareg – Giles, December 20 2016)

Now think about situations where you are not live streaming videos and you want to communicate in real time. In fact, you also want to communicate lots of people – thousands, tens of thousands or even millions – at the same time personally one-on-one.

How can you possibly do that?

That’s where Automated Intelligent  Video comes into play. Think of your videos as an army of personal assistants that you send out into the world to help your prospects and customers make better decisions.Viewers want your videos and interact with them in real time.

Based on their behavior such as answering questions you ask them while they are watching your video, you  give them answers, recommendations, rewards, incentives, advice, and solutions on any subject. As a result, you build up goodwill, authority and trust with your viewing audience.

In addition, you rapidly build a very high quality list of viewers, increase your sales, repeat sales, social shares, word of mouth and retention.

Why does this work so well?
Viewers naturally find videos engaging and they naturally like to answer questions about themselves and what interests them in the moment.

In essence, you give the right person the right content at the right time on any device – all in real time.
Now this type of robo-video content can be created fast, easy and fun way using the DilogR platform.

You can add interactivity such as questions and answers including quizzes, polls, surveys and assessments. Or you can add links to articles, brochures, eBooks or other call to action buttons, email opt-in or lead gen forms.

Plus, you can overlay the video with a table of contents that comes out from the side of the video when you put your cursor on the video itself. You can click on any topic or chapter within that video and jump to that within the video. That means you don’t have to watch the entire video and you can get to what you are interested in within seconds.

The table of contents disappears in a split second. Your prospects or customers are totally engaged with the video and on the way to know more about their topic of interest and possibly receive a targeted offer. If that’s your objective for your creating the video.

Or, you can feed different video clips based upon customer answers to questions (called choose your own adventure or video branching).

You can send links to any of these robo-content videos you created by having prospects or customers text to a number you provided that can be on a real estate sign or a direct mail piece or a package,display, to name a few.

You don’t have to be live! You can create or re-purpose any type of video – how to; explainer; demo; pitch; video sales letter; webinar, training; education hiring; customer service; customer support, to name a few.

With robo video chat you can add games, incentives, and special affects. Test any video product-TV shows;speeches;presentations and get instant feedback.

How about 360 videos or drone robo video chat? That too and much more.

Marketers, advertisers, publishers, salespeople, trainers, educators record your Facebook group video chats or Snapchat, Whats app, Facetime and Duo and turn them into interactive video chat in seconds with DilogR.

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PS. Stay tuned, we are planning a cool WEBINAR shortly!


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