How to Create Useful Content: 12 Steps to Follow Every Time [Interactive Infographic]

12 Jul How to Create Useful Content: 12 Steps to Follow Every Time [Interactive Infographic]

Content marketing is the modus operandi for all digital marketers, but doing it wrong is easier than doing it right.

How are you supposed to create every time something delightful and engaging?

Most of us are not exactly Pulitzer level writers as much as some of us maybe like to think they are.

If you spend some time planning what you will write before you jump in you at least have a great start.

If someone is looking for advice how to make organic strawberry ice cream at home and you give them great information how much healthier it is than the standard supermarket brand, she is not learning from you how to make that ice cream.

Sure, it’s wonderful that you explained the health benefits and detailed the pros and cons for both ice creams, but you did not answer the reader’s question.

This person now has to go somewhere else to find out the answer. You just may have lost a sale or the chance to build a relationship with this individual.

Your content was not USEFUL!

Think about what’s the purpose of your blog or email? How and where can you add in examples and credible data? What’s your strategy to spread the word about it so people will actually read it? And – who’s going to edit your draft….

Ann Handley has created an excellent process how do you improve the usefulness of your content. Following her process requires you to getting in the head of your users. It will help you to identify the questions that they are really struggling with. And guess what – then you can actually answer those questions directly with your content.

Ann Handley’s practical step by step process will put you on the path to creating super-useful content. We have heard that Ann’s book Everybody Writes includes everything from planning to publishing.

To provide you with a process, check out the infographic below from Ann Handley and Visually.

We used DilogR platfrom to make this infographic even more interactive with hotspots.

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