How to Use Quizzes to Score and Qualify Your Leads

Use quizzes to qualify leads

20 Sep How to Use Quizzes to Score and Qualify Your Leads

When you combine an interactive marketing platform like DilogR with a powerful CRM and marketing automation like Infusionsoft (as many of our customers have), you are set up to score leads and funnel the best ones over to sales. You tie your quizzes to lead capture forms (which also happen to integrate directly with Infusionsoft) so you can capture new contacts from your {viral} quizzes and follow up with those people in a personalized way.

A good quiz can make you a hero to your customers and a hero to sales. It gives new meaning to “win-win.”

Any business wants to generate new leads, that’s a given. But your sales don’t want just any lead. They want the better leads – qualified leads. Bad leads don’t add to the bottom line.

In turn this means you must track and score interactions to ensure they’re qualified to go to sales.

One of the best ways to do that is with interactive content. If you have read the DilogR blog before or are our customer, you know that quizzes are one of the best forms of interactive content for qualifying leads.

Quizzes are a form of dialogue that meet the SEVEN Critical STEPS of AUDIENCE Building that Creates High Quality Leads and MASSIVE Sales. Click To Tweet

Infusionsoft’s Ben Snedeker decided to educate their customers and himself about quiz marketing. He spent some time on the phone with Gary Spirer, our Founder/CEO. It totally made sense to get Gary’s take on how quizzes can help small businesses score their leads. You can say that DilogR specializes in quiz marketing – and we started DilogR with that idea, but that’s for another story.

When you use a platform like DilogR in collaboration with marketing automation and a CRM like Infusionsoft, you can use quizzes to engage the audience, provide targeted offers and timely follow-up. Not to mention you can analyze how you did. We are finding that customers who use quiz marketing are getting up to 50-80 percent conversion on quizzes.

Read here what Ben actually found out about How to Use Quizzes to Score and Qualify Your Leads

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Ben Snedeker joined Infusionsoft in 2015 to do full time that which he loves most: writing the stories that inspire action. He holds a MFA in Creative Writing from Emerson College. In his prior life, he was a freelance writer working days at MIT as a grant manager. After a decade of paper pushing in academia, writing for a fast moving company like Infusionsoft is his dream come true. A perennial tinkerer, when he’s not in the office, he can’t help but tend his bonsai trees, edit other people’s writing, and make sure his kids clear their plates before they leave the table.

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