How To Monetize Customer Feedback

28 Nov How To Monetize Customer Feedback

The Amazon Winning Formula

We all know how Amazon uses customer feedback in the form of reviews to find out what customers want and then deliver it as fast as possible.

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, like Apple’s Steve Jobs ,is customer-obsessed. Amazon is a vertical product search engine that creates extraordinary customer value by:

  1. Price (deals)
  2. Delivery ( as fast possible-even same day)

Amazon combines content and commerce conveniently accessed through any mobile device anywhere 24/7/365.

Why not do what Amazon does for your own business?

Create your mini Amazon – combine your own content and commerce. Then leverage Amazon  (Facebook advertising, custom audiences and more too) to deliver your content and/or  products.

Here are the steps…

Identify the right customer with the right message/offer at the right time:

Step#1 Turn your general Facebook or Amazon audience into an actual unique person

Step#2  Ask them what they are searching for

Step#3  Deliver it to them as fast as possible

The Challenge

How do you reach 10s of 1000s but talk to each unique person as if you are sitting across from them in the physical world?

  • You turn your content into a conversation by adding smart interactivity to it so your content talks to your prospect or customer
  • Take a photo, image video slide and add questions and answers just like you would ask anyone what they want.

Meeting the Challenge:

Suddenly your content engages segments and customizes offers based upon customer feedback in a fun entertaining way. You create relationships (build an engaged subscriber audience), create a positive collective customer experience that is intimate, private and delivers value.

You capture mobile micro moments and micro data (small individual data that big data craves including AI like IBM Watson)

You can guide your prospects to related products and services like Amazon.Plus every time your customer answers another question, they give you another opportunity to offer more products and services or those of affiliates

You can do this entire process online and offline across channels anywhere any device anytime

The DilogR Solution

DilogR provides you an entire suite of tools from polls quizzes surveys and assessments that you can in turn overlay on any of your content in minutes. Integrate with CRM and MAP systems like Hubspot Zapier IBM Oracle/Eloqua, Infusionsoft, Active Campaign, Ontroport,  Salesforce and more.

Learn how we build out conversational marketing sales and advertising funnels that stand out above the noise and  monetize in minutes with proven results and use cases that far exceed the competition

What if you could take your existing content, one question and build the foundation for your entire business in minutes. Sounds too good to be true? It’s already being done on DilogR with customers generating both high quality leads and significant sales within two weeks for content and/or commerce.


You can also email me if you would like to discuss your business or to get personal strategic advice or practical ways to implement offers to grow your business quickly to the next level.

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