[Q&A] Simplest Business Transformation Question

25 Oct [Q&A] Simplest Business Transformation Question

Answer this Question:

There has to be a much better way to .

This question goes to the heart of answering the way you exist as a business.

An investor in Google sends you has to answer this question in ten words or less.

For example, Google . There has to be a much better way to organize the world’s knowledge. The why represents your belief that your products or service solves a problem that people face much better than the competitors.

Here’s the challenge:

If your product or service is an incremental improvement, then it must be 10X netter than the competition for them to switch to your product.

If your product or service is trans formative –  new, novel, very different – then people will switch to it.

Another way to think of this is red ocean versus blue ocean strategy.

The red ocean is highly competitive where you are trying to win customers from others with an incremental solution. The blue ocean strategy is you find blue sky or wide open areas or niches of growth where you have a sustainable competitive advantage. This is articulated in the book “Blue Ocean Shift” Beyond competing.

“Whether you are a cash strapped start up, non profit or a large established company with bureaucratic character, Blue Ocean shift will show you have to move from red oceans crowded with competition to blue oceans of uncontested market space and explosive growth.”

My goal is to show you how to shift your business with “concrete steps and a systematic process” to create blue oceans with minimal risk.

Go ahead and answer this simple Question:

There has to be a much better way to          .


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