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Create online quizzes, polls,
surveys and assessments that
drive revenue

Capture your audience’s attention and interests.
Customize the look and feel to fit any device.
Add text, images, videos, and animated GIFs
to your projects
Give your audience what they want
at the right time.


Create simple and beautiful quizzes

  • Multimedia content

    Include images as answer choices to make
    your quiz pop. You can even embed video on
    your results page to make the most engaging
    multi-media quiz ever

  • Responsive website? No problem.

    DilogR quizzes look amazing on every device, every
    time. Our simple embed code works perfectly with
    responsive websites.

  • Create, embed and share
    your own quizzes

    Use DilogR’s intuitive interface to create
    and share quizzes in minutes.

DilogR platform delivers ROI – save time and money from learning and paying for multiple systems

Create insanely shareable Buzzfeed type of quizzes using DilogR’s step by step personality/outcome quiz builder. Think “Which
superhero are you?” or “Which state should live in?”

The Personality Quiz is like a very social employee who never rests or
takes a break, she just keeps on bringing you traffic, engagement, and leads.

multiple-quiz-pic-1SEE EXAMPLE

Generate more traffic, engagement and leads with a scored quiz. Create a trivia quiz like “How well do you know
Katy Perry” or “What’s your stock market IQ?”

With DilogR’s step by step scored quiz builder you can have your quiz up
and running in minutes.

multiple-quiz-pic-2SEE EXAMPLE

The advanced quiz builder allows you to create customized feedback based on individual answers as well as feedback based
on scores on different characteristics or personas/outcomes.

You can present this feedback to the quiz taker on the thank you page
and/or in a custom PDF report that will be emailed them automatically after they complete the quiz.

multiple-quiz-pic-3SEE EXAMPLE

DilogR customers have built some amazing scored assessments like “How Productive are you”, “How good is your follow up
marketing”, and “How well are you recognizing your employees”. These assessments are more than just a basic scored quiz.                                                                                                               WHY? They allow you to create customized feedback based on individual answers as well as feedback based on overall score or
score on different sections of the assessment.  You can present this feedback to the quiz taker on the thank you page and/or
in a Custom PDF report that will be emailed automatically after they complete the quiz.

multiple-quiz-pic-4SEE EXAMPLE

But DilogR does surveys too! Why don’t you just replace all of your other vendors with DilogR? 🙂 Use DilogR surveys to conduct
market research and customer feedback.  You can convert your surveys to quiz and vice versa.

multiple-quiz-pic-5SEE EXAMPLE

                                                                           Why not run engaging polls on your site in addition to quizzes and surveys? Create a poll                                                                                                                                                                                                                      that performs great & look amazing.  It takes seconds to start.                                                                                                                                 You can redirect based on answers, use lead capture, create customized offers based on answers – and give feedback based on answers.

You can share your results, give feedback based on answers – you can also ask your audience to rate/review something!

multiple-quiz-pic-6SEE EXAMPLE

Grow your business

  • Generate better leads with enriched profiles
  • Make informed product recommendations and offers
  • Remarket with targeted messaging
  • Leverage micro-data for enhanced personalization


What our users are saying

Track Conversion Analytics

  • Track conversion analytics

    Track the success of your campaigns. Gain actionable insights from quiz and survey responses.

  • Connect your quizzes with the tools you already use

    Integrate with CRM, MAP ( *Marketing Automation Platform), and email marketing tools. Send  leads and quiz data from DilogR directly into your marketing automation platform, CRM, or email marketing system. Use this data for lead scoring, segmentation, and ROI tracking. Send highly targeted content to your most engaged leads at exactly the right moment based on their persona, score, or answers to questions.