‘Rogue One’ Makes Soaring Debut vs. Nintendo’s Mario

22 Dec ‘Rogue One’ Makes Soaring Debut vs. Nintendo’s Mario

Disney’s Star Wars topped the box office figures at $155 million in US and Canada. Nintendo’s “Super Mario” first smartphone action game propelled it to the top of Apple’s App Store charts. “SuperData Research Inc. said the Mario game amassed 5 million downloads world-wide at the higher end of estimates.”

If you step back, you can just nod at these blockbuster numbers and wish you created and owned a piece of these franchises.
Yet, there’s a lot to learn from their success – even though they are the same extraordinary blockbusters Silicon Valley calls unicorns.


PayPal Co-Founder and Venture Capitalist Peter Thiel (who was the first outside investor for Facebook) said all highly successful companies are unique. Failures and the reason they fail look much more alike.

Still, let’s look at some things that are common to success today found in both Rogue One and Super Mario.

Escape – the world is full of terror and uncertainty. It’s a much more dangerous place to live. The other top grossing films Disney’s Moana in 2nd place has grossed cumulatively $161.9. Next is Paramount’s Office Party. In 5th place is Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Super Mario’s rival in the game category is “Pokemon, Go.”

Control – films and games give us a sense of control in our minds. We can go off and immerse ourselves in crazy insane world’s. Games we can play make the moves and see our results. In films, somehow we know that we can still eat popcorn, grab someone’s hand or go to the bathroom.

Willing suspension of disbelief – the poet William Coleridge called our ability to project ourselves into other worlds and believe them as if they were true, the “willing suspension of disbelief.”

The Hero’s Journey

The Hero’s Journey – Joseph Campbell wrote about the journey we take in life is similar to the world of myth that repeats across all cultures. Like in Star Wars and in games, we live in one world – accepting it. Then, we are challenged and we have to cross the chasm – go into the dark forest. Fearful, we need a mentor or guide, to help us have the courage to slay the dragons (the demons in our minds as well). We emerge from the dark forest – changed – with secrets or innovations to help better our communities and the world.

Violence – few challenges in life are without violence – physical, mental or both. Separations are hard. In a book “Iron John,” the movement to manhood takes an initiation where fathers and elders in tribes and clans helped to initiate the young into adulthood. But, today, especially in minority communities there is no father figure to help us cross the chasm again into “adulthood”. The real question is how many of us ever “grow up” – and what does that mean?

Digital vs. Physical reality – in ‘Rogue One’ and ‘Super Mario’ “Pokemon, Go” the digital virtual worlds have merged in their creation. What is more “real”? What is reality? Netoman Physics? Quantum Physics? String Theory? Are lies the new truth as the media and politicians have demonstrated how much the lines have blurred?


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What does this mean for you as marketers, advertisers, salespeople or people in business or organizations?

Everything is moving very rapidly to a world where story, entertainment, gamification, virtual and augmented reality along with artificial intelligence will become more and more common place.

The new business model is The Voice, America’s Got Talent and Shark Tank.
We and our content are all performer’s in a giant digital reality TV talent show with critics and audience participation.

The top 1/10 of 1% rule. It’s a world of blockbusters and winner – take all.

It’s the search for “The Next Big Thing”.

And, yet, what I just said is true and not true. What you really need to be is you. Be the best version of you can be. You can be small and unheralded and contribute to the world. You can find niches and produce great content and better the world. You don’t have to be the richest person in the grave.

The world is exciting. It’s a world of ‘Rogue One’ Star Wars, Super Mario, Pokemon, Go.
But, in reality it’s your world – and the hardest thing is to accept it and be you.
And when you do, your story, your content will succeed. We will help you at DilogR create it and spread the word.

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