Some Auto Owners Will Lose Wireless

20 Dec Some Auto Owners Will Lose Wireless

According to this WSJ article, “a large number of luxury cars won’t have a connection to the outside world” (WSJ “Some Auto Owners will Lose Wireless” December 19, 2016 by Adrienne Roberts”)

AT&T is shutting down its wireless service for BMW’s Assist roadside assistance service in the event of a crash.
Car companies can’t keep up with the rapid changes in technology. Car drivers opt instead for smartphone “mapping, streaming music and other services.”
Self-driving cars and new smartphone apps will make today’s cares built to last on average 11 years more and more obsolete.

The same is occurring in marketing advertising and sales as conventional marketing, advertising and sales become more and more obsolete.

They too like cars have lost the connection to the outside world. Instead, content commuters will turn to a new type of self-driven vehicle.
Just like with even the most luxury of cars, a major shift has occurred. Buyers have dramatically changed the way they research and buy products, especially big ticket items like cars houses and education.

The traditional sales funnel is shown as static and linear. The customer supposedly starts at the front or wide mouth and narrows their options as they are pummeled by marketers, advertisers and salespeople. At the end or bottom of the funnel, they surrender and buy.

Instead, the savvy customer has escaped the “imprisonment” of the narrowing funnel. In fact, the buyer or customer actually expands the number of product options at first before she narrows them.
The customer decision journey is much more dynamic and circular as the buyer evaluates, considers and reevaluates.


Often, the buyer does not want to talk with a salesperson until they are 60% to 90% into the buying decision. Or, they buy based on reviews, expert recommendations or their own methodology without every speaking with anyone.

The Customer Decision Journey one that is demanding, in real time, and takes place anywhere on any device.

The customer experience must be social human entertaining and rewarding. You don’t sell. They buy. Customers interact as if they are having a face-to-face live exchange – a chat, a two-way conversation or a dialogue are having a face-to-face live exchange – a chat, a two-way conversation or a dialogue. You are a trusted adviser giving them options and trying to be there when they decide to make a decision – including buying.

That is why marketing advertising and sell will become self-driven along with other tasks, touch points and channels, the communications and content will be robo-content.
The new marketing, advertising and selling will be driven by interactive content chats, conversations and dialogues.
This is the only way to reach at scale customers where they are and deliver to the right person the right content at the right time on any device.

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