Success Secrets: Arbitrage and Recombinations

Market Arbitrage

10 Mar Success Secrets: Arbitrage and Recombinations

Here’s something to think about when you want to be different.

They say different is better than better. One of the best ways to be different I call market arbitrage.

Take the big movement to data management platforms or DMPs as shown below:

Technology interests chart

The data management platforms (DMP) help businesses aggregate marketing information from across a variety of channels. Over 90% of respondents were interested in DMPs.

The arbitrage is seeing where demand is growing in one industry and brings a similar idea into another industry or area of interest.

For example, social media is about conversations and DMPS are about aggregating information.What if you could combine the two concepts into one.

Think unification of communications and content consumption in the form of a highly personalized interaction.

DilogR is itself a DMP for content creators, publishers and agencies. DilogR is aggregating customer feedback on one platform for all content on all devices across the web social and mobile.

— You can then see what your customers, employees or other recipients want in real time and then respond back to them with recommendations and rewards.

— You can develop better messaging, communications, ads and products from this feedback and measure the entire experience in a contact database that we are constantly expanding.

Recombining different formats and drawing ideas from different industries — arbitraging — is a great strategy to use in your business.

Don't reinvent the the wheel. Just see wheels used in different ways and in different areas.
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