“Suppliers in the Fast Lane as Cars Electrify” vs. Content Suppliers

22 Dec “Suppliers in the Fast Lane as Cars Electrify” vs. Content Suppliers

The biggest winners in the post-recession car boom have not been the car companies but their suppliers.

The fact is that suppliers with the right technology such as ones that can supply electric vehicles and power trains enjoy a premium in the stock market.

Think of what this same business model means for your business. By analogy, there are tons of companies creating content. You can view content creators as being like the car manufacturers.
Now, view companies like DilogR supplying interactivity (hotspots, Q&A etc) to enhance the appeal of content, just like the car manufacturers are doing.

Content, like cars, will never go away. But content, like cars, has to change because the rapid change in the way we communicate and consume information has changed.

Take a traditional book. You can look at its cover – the title, the description and the author’s name, the graphics/images and you have a back cover, a spine with more information. The book’s interior is normally somewhat standard. You can skim the book. Look at the last chapter – even the last paragraph or sentence.

Imagine this. In the digital world, you can turn that book into multiple versions. In fact, the book could be made into hundreds of different versions even if it were 100 pages.

How can you change a traditional book into so many versions?

You can add interactivity to any part of the book. Take even the front and back cover of my best-selling book “Crowdfunding The Next Big Thing”.

As an experiment, I added hotspots that pop up like post-it notes with information and links to more information about my books. I have links to slides, videos, other text – information and even my voice introducing the book.

Every page of my book can have any type of interactivity to enhance the experience of the reader. I can ask survey questions, poll my readers, give quizzes and assessments.

How about gift certificates, coupons, incentive points tied to any topic in the book?

Like Amazon, you can add related things. You have your own Amazon-like recommendation / reward system that can be your content – more advanced, higher priced courses, consulting, coaching, speaking, training, educating, hiring, customer support and customer service.

Any of your recommended and/or rewarded content itself can be interactive. Now, you can have 100 pages. What points and takeaway will you emphasize? No two people will emphasize the same points or have the same interactivity or links to other interactive content. Content is no longer content. You re-create content as a content “supplier.”

As a result, you will get a premium valuation in the marketplace with the right technology.

The right technology – in fact, the only technology – that can help you to create that interactive book in minutes is DilogR.

And, what about all the sales when you link your totally personalized offers to the individual reader and viewer of your content?

Plus, that personal/micro data you collect in real time for every intersection in real time – 24/7/365?

Imagine having heat maps that show you what and where readers went to most. Based on that behavior, you can rewrite any part of your digital book – even your ads, marketing and sales materials.

How about an automated interactive way to use the same technology to create your presentations, demos and pitches?

DilogR’s automated intelligent content platform enables you to do that too.

How about automating the process of writing itself – books, eBooks and webinars. Well, stay tuned…

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