The Future of Marketing

Future of marketing

01 Mar The Future of Marketing

What does your Marketing Future Hold?

It’s not inbound marketing. It’s not branded content. It’s not sponsored content.

It’s not what you – and I – often do too much. Talk and not listen. Interrupt before the other person finishes their sentence. Sell. Sell. Sell.

Or, are you afraid to ask for sales at the right time? In the end, your marketing and sales ROI is alarmingly low.

You think that all you need to do is create more content, make it better and better. But, you don't move the needle.

If you are a small business, you rush after the next gimmick – the next quick fix.

If you are a larger business, then you try to copy what other large businesses do.

This non-strategy gives you a false sense of security.

You become a marketing bureaucrat  just like a government employee plugged into a zombie-like job. You have your defense established for your poor results. You kick the can down the road. And, secretly prepare a plan of who to blame – or prepare your resume to jump to another marketing job before you are fired.

In the end, you are conducting some version of Monologue Marketing.

The Failure of Monologue Marketing

Marketing in the Age of Social MediaIn a Harvard Business Review article, Marketing In the Age of Social Media, the failure of marketing today is ironically that marketing is not social. It’s either gushy direct marketing or traditional marketing disguised in branded and sponsored content.

None of these approaches alone are delivered in a a way that builds, maintains and arouses an engaged audience.

The problem becomes companies have sunk millions of dollar into producing content on social media, hoping to build audiences, around their brands.

Successful marketing addressed the way people naturally become galvanized by an issue that is of profound interest to them.  Someone or some group articulates a position or an ideology that speaks to what others feel deeply.

In the past, a contrarian or a dispelling of a myth could take years. But with the Internet and social media, new paradigms and ideologies can be organized rapidly. They spread like a virus and reach a tipping point.

The Future of Dialogue Marketing

This type of marketing is Dialogue Marketing as opposed to conventional Monologue + Marketing. Dialogue grabs people’s attention and keeps it at the core where there is emotional engagement.

Crowd cultures, crowdsourcing and crowdfunding tap into the power of wisdom of the crowd. Individual ideas come from the artist and the crowd tests, refines, and evolves innovation.

Dialogue Marketing brings together the best of branding, social media, direct marketing in a real time discourse that is relevant, meaningful, and engaging.

But consumers haven’t shown up…Digital crowds have become powerful innovators, a new phenomenon crowd culture.  They’re so effective at producing creative entertainment that it’s impossible for companies to compete…It actually creates an alternative model to conventional branding – brands collaborate with crowd cultures and champion their ideologies in the marketplace.

In this process, listening, feedback and recommendations, are given, with the “best” surfacing. These dialogues are captures in real time analytics that yield powerful actionable insights. Everyone wins in these dialogues – the subcultures, the artists, the data scientists, the companies and all the related stakeholders.

Welcome to DilogR – our vision with Dialogue Marketing is to change communications and content consumption forever.


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