Uber Takes on New Fight – Marketers Too?

19 Dec Uber Takes on New Fight – Marketers Too?

Uber defies demands from California regulators who say the company must get a permit or pull the self-driving vehicles off the road.

Recently, San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee ordered Uber to get a permit and State Attorney General Kamala Harris threatened to sue. (Source: WSJ December 19 2016 by Greg Bensinger and Tim Higgins)

The skirmish is over autonomous-driving vehicles. California’s position is that since Uber’s cars are equipped with a technology that enables them to run autonomously, they have to pay for a permit.

What if we could create self-driving content that spoke to us? Call it Automated Intelligent Content, or Robo-Content. Think of it as a representative of yourself who took on the tasks of marketing, advertising and sales on autopilot.

Self-driving content created from your existing content. You can just add some technology to your content like Q&A, lead gen forms and call to action buttons, and distribute it on the digital highways.

You could own your own fleet of self-driving content like your own Uber..

Self-driving content acts like a robot or avatar

Think of self-driving content as being like a robot or avatar. The content is about a certain topic and  the prospect might answer certain questions

Based upon feedback, your robo-content makes recommendations, gives rewards and targets personalized offers to the prospect.


To always serve the prospect or customer, your autonomous content can be available anywhere on any device all in real time – 24/7/365.

Nor are there any worries about how your self-driven content is relating with your prospects and customers.It has built-in monitors that measure to the second who is reading, watching or listening to your content. What did they like best? When did they stop watching or listening?

And for every action your prospect or customer takes or does not, you can send a text, email or connect them to a live call center, live agent, a live chat or any other form of communication.

Imagine being able to create robo-content for every other part of your business such as training, coaching, educating, customer service, customer support and even hiring (IBM’s doing that with robo-content — not Watson).

What if you could get 1,800 to 1 ROI in 2 weeks; $1.8 million in 3 weeks? $30,000 in a with some emails and $319 using Facebook ads?

There’s a lot more to this story to creating robo-content.
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