logo-product-item-2VIDEO MARKETING

Grow  your business with
Interactive Videos.

Why interactive videos? If your audience engages
with you content 2X longer than without interactivity.
Your interaction and click-through rates tend to hike up
double-digits. What are you waiting for…??


Turn Your Videos into Personalized Conversations

Drive traffic: Use video to help prospects through the buyer’s journey

Insert call-to-actions into your video to drive traffic to offers, landing pages, downloads, additional videos or order forms. Use DilogR’s custom thank you page builder to drive targeted traffic based on video interaction.

Build your list

Generate leads with lead capture forms directly in your videos. Insert the lead capture where it fits best with your campaign. You can capture a lead up front before the video begins, include a gate part way through the video, or ask for the lead at the end of the video after viewer consumes your content.

Segment your list

Segment viewers based on viewing behavior and interactions. Use this data to drive lead scoring and unique follow up campaigns.

Integrate with CRM, marketing automation, and email marketing tools

Send video data from DilogR directly into your marketing automation platform, CRM, or email marketing system. Use this data for lead scoring, segmentation, and ROI tracking. Send highly targeted content to your most engaged leads at exactly the right moment based on their video viewing history.

Some of our features

  • Video chaptering
  • Video quiz / assessment
  • Video survey or poll
  • Video branching based on the answers
  • Repurpose existing video content
  • Add questions to your recorded webinars


Engage Website Visitors with Beautiful Video

Track Conversion with
Real-Time Analytics

  • Who is watching your videos?

    You can’t market to unknown viewers. See exactly who’s watching your videos, and for how long. Gain actionable insights from your videos. Who is watching? Where do they drop off? How much engagement are your videos getting? Which videos are leading to measurable ROI?

  • Market In-The-Moment

    Measure every moment that matters. Examine all phases of your customer journey to undersand their needs in-the-moment. Use that knowledge to optimize across the journey and anchor completely on your customers and organize around the moments that matter to them.

  • Collect Micro-Moments That Makes Big Data Smarter

    “Want-to-know” moments. “Want-to-go” moments. “Want -to-do” moments. “Want-to-buy” moments. All these micro-moments create actionable insights. Your customer preferences and purchases are shaped in these micro-moments. Ultimately, whoever does the best job of addressing these needs in each moment will win.