What Is Interactive Content and Why Does It Out-Convert Traditional Content Every Time?

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13 Sep What Is Interactive Content and Why Does It Out-Convert Traditional Content Every Time?

Interactive content is dynamic and makes your content come alive as if you were having a face-to-face conversation or dialogue with your prospect or customer. Plus, your content stands in for you so you don’t have to be present. Not only are your time, money, and resources freed up but you can scale your communications and content consumption since you can embed your interactive content on as many sites and pages as you want.

Content is no longer content as we know it. Content is as much the interactivity you add to it as it is the basic content you would normally create without adding the interactivity.

Technically, interactive content is a browser-based digital  experience designed for visitor participation (interaction). It’s designed to be something that your audience engages with rather than solely to read or watch.

Think about some of the most common content marketing tactics we all are very familiar with such as articles, blogs, white papers,  webinars, research papers, case studies and videos.  Your consumption is either read (or watch), or don’t.

An interactive content experience is intended to be a two-way exchange. It often includes a feedback loop in which the outcome of the experience is directly impacted by the interaction of the user with the content itself.

So what are the forms of specific one-on-one personalized experiences we are talking about?

    • Quizzes
    • Polls
    • Assessments
    • Surveys
    • Interactive images
    • Interactive videos
    • Interactive maps
    • Interactive floor plans

What does the data tells us about passive versus dynamic interactive content?

88% of marketers say interactive content is effective at differentiating their brand vs.
55% indicate that static content is effective at differentiating.

93% of marketers say interactive content  is effective at educating buyers.

70% of marketers say interactive content  is effective at converting visitors vs.
36% indicate that static content is  effective at converting visitors.

Source: Demand Metric:Enhancing The Buyer’s Journey

Meaningful content — when presented properly — is  an incredible way to educate, influence, and persuade your audience while building your brand. It does not make it GREAT content.

Look how others have used DilogR quizzes to their advantage by increasing audience engagement. This is an example of GREAT content.


Your content is the conduit by which you drive  engagement, affinity, leads and sales.  You can and should use interactive content experiences to bridge the gap. And, interactive experiences are measurable, providing rich audience and individual insights into content consumption, engagement and conversion. That is what you want and need – more engagement, more leads and better leads — hence more conversion.

You can transform your static content into an engaging, effective, measurable interactive experience.   Evaluate your existing static content and re-envision it as an interactive experience.

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DilogR offers you multiple ways to add interactivity. For example:

Based on user responses to questions, you can deliver personalized recommendations for improvements or peer bench marking. You can use the data that you gain from the responses to drive targeted marketing campaigns. Keep in mind that because up to 67% of the buyer’s journey happens online, tools such as assessments and quizzes provide guided digital support of the buyers’ exploration and consideration.

We don’t see interactive content not simply a consideration, but a marketing imperative.

Interactivity will add far more certainty about every aspect of content — from leads and sales, to measurement and insights. If you provide digital interactions that meet your customers’ needs in easy and enjoyable ways you will enjoy all these benefits:

    1. Demonstrable consumption
    2. More and better engagement
    3. Higher conversion rates
    4. Richer measurement
    5. Strong differentiation
    6. Richer measurement
    7. Meaningful sales alignment
    8. Centralized & decentralized control
    9. Simple integration
    10. The best VALUE in the market

Let’s get you started! Transform your static, passive content into engaging, effective, measurable interactive experiences.  You will be getting higher engagement and consumption, lower bounce rates, a better user experience and far richer audience insights.

DilogR is the only interactive platform in the world that you can create all these interactive content types online and offline and unify all your communications and content in one place across the web, social and mobile – on any device.

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